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Testimonial can make or break a business. They are just as vital as any other form of  advertisement. 97% of consumers looking to make a purchase base their decision on other consumer reviews.  Only 23% of consumers share positive remarks for companies or products they like (Harris Poll, April 2010), that leaves roughly 77% not leaving any feedback, positive or negative. 


Though we try our best, we can't please everyone, but here are some that have been thoroughly excited to use our services time and time again.

"Excellent service, they were by far the best quote I received. The gentlemen that showed up were very friendly and professional. I would reccomend them if you need help with any assembly, I will use them again.-Gerardo"

​ Gerardo, October 2012




"Thank you. Your guys were great and took less than 2 hours to get me set up. I appreciate it."

Linda, July 2008




"I was totally satisfied with the service i recieved from Assembly Installation Services. I know Mrs. Berry was sick of hearing from me, but she never showed it. She was always so helpful. I am now excited about buying things that need to be put together"

Service Magic Client, May 2009




"...your guy did a very good job and was very professional. He even helped me with my vacume."

Vienna VA Customer, July 2010




"We have always been impressed with AIS's work and look forward to working with you again in the future."

ORAU, July 2014


"I scheduled AIS to install a new IKEA BESTA entertainment center on 1/14/2014, and they did a great job.  The entire unit was a collection of components with no specific configuration instructions, but Damon and Jeremy were able to put everything together correctly and efficiently.  It took them a full work day, but it required mounting shelves, tons of alignments, and mounting a flat screen TV on the unit as well.  They had to do a lot of custom drilling and configuration for my exact setup with the wiring and outlets in the room, but they did a great job and made sure everything was working properly before they left. They arrived within the designated time window, were very courteous and accommodating, and did a great job for the price I was quoted on the phone.  I would recommend this service to a friend next time they need a service like this."

Reston Customer, January 2014, via Yelp


"The sub-contractor was wonderful. Damon was professional and did a wonderful job installing the cabinets."

Lambert, August 2015


"I want to say that Damon is doing a great job - We are very happy with the kitchen and his work." Upon completion this client went on to say, "We LOVE the kitchen! It is more of a WOW when you see it in person. It is a wonderful transformation and Damon and his crew did a great job! I recently returned some stuff to IKEA and the lady asked me who the contractor was. When I told her, she said “Oh, Damon and his family are so nice!” I answered that he does awesome work too! Thank you & Damon again for making our kitchen renovation process go so smoothly! We will definitely keep you in mind for future work and I am happy to provide a recommendation if you want.

Meyer, December 2015


"I have to tell you (as I have told Damon) that I think he does excellent work! I am going to recommend him to whomever asks. We have had many contractors over the years and none have taken as much time or have been as meticulous as he is."​
Stevenson w/ ABS Graphics, July 2016
"AIS was extremely conscientious and courteous about setting up the installation date, which had to be rescheduled three times due to weather. On the installation date, the crew showed up on time and completed the swingset/fort in the expected time. Damon was very friendly and the work was done well. Thank you."​
Service Magic Client, May 2009
"...please thank your husband and his crew for a great job. My kids and ALL of their friends are loving it and it is all still intact. Thank you again and we will def. refer you to all of our friends!!"

Alyson, April 2009

"I have worked with and cotinue to recommend AIS, Mr. Damon Berry, for work with my clientelle.
I have worked stedily with AIS for almost 2 years. Their work has included delivery & assembly & installation of furniture, installation of draperies & artwork....
...In closing, I have found AIS to be skillful and reliable.  I have enjoyed working with them and will continue to use them as my projects require."

Cahill, Interior Design Consultants



"I had a great experience with this company. They did a re-install of my Ikea kitchen after I had flood damage. Damon is the owner and very involved / hands on which I appreciate. He came to my house twice personally and even helped with the granite install. His crews have a lot of years of construction experience and are very thorough / knowledgeable / creative @ solving problems. Most importantly they are communicative and make themselves available most any time of day.
AIS exceeded my expectations and for a price that was below other similar companies. I would use them again anytime. Highly recommended."

Todd, via Yelp, July 2014



"I am so pleased with the work. When I picked out the cabinets at IKEA, I was worried that it wouldn't really look as good as what I saw in the show room. I worried, too, that my walls were too flimsy to support the required wall mounting. AIS achieved exactly "what we envisioned in only 2 work sessions. The result is amazing and the cost was reasonable. Thanks to AIS, we finally have the home office we've wanted!"

Monica, December 2006


"We contact three closet companies to help us customize our walk-in closet & linen closet. We went with Assembly Installation Services because the owner came to our home, sat down with his computer & built our closet online right in front of us, ask us questions, let us choose the design, color, we had total input. Then he printed the order & a few weeks later he came on time, completed the job & cleaned up after themselves. If you hate those two little words "assembly required" leave it to Assembly Installation Services. They know what they are doing. Call them. Our closets are great!"

Mrs. James/Realtor, August 2006


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